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Taxi In Bristol
If you’ve seen any of the episodes of “Taxicab Confessions” film, you might believe the only people who take cabs here are strippers. But that’s just TV and you’ll find visitors from all walks of life hopping into them. You can catch a cab in Bristol almost anywhere, except when you hail it from the street. Odd but true, safety laws prohibit taxicabs from picking up someone directly on the Bristol. Thus, the plethora of taxi stands at resorts, shopping centers, and attractions. And you can always call for a pickup. That’s why we’ve included average fares from the airport to major hotels, some helpful tips (like being aware of a sneaky practice called “long hauling”), and taxi-cab company contact details below.

Below are some average fares for taxis from Terminal 1 at Bristol International Airport. Fares for taxis leaving from Terminal 3 average about $2 more than the fees listed below. There is an additional $2 fee on all taxi fares that originate at the airport. Fees can vary based on traffic, time of year and more. A taxi driver can only charge a passenger what is displayed on the taxi’s meter plus any credit card fees. If you ever have a concern about taxi service in Bristol you can contact the authority at 0117 983 0126. You’ll need the taxi company name, taxi number, driver’s name, plus the date and time the problem occurred.

Avoid the Airport Tunnel route. From the airport, don’t make your trip to the hotel longer or more expensive. When you get in the taxi, tell the driver you want to be taken to your hotel, NOT the airport tunnel. The airport tunnel may seem faster because it connects to the freeway and has fewer lights, but the route is several miles longer resulting in cab fares that are 5 to 10 pound more.

The exceptions to this rule are hotels in the city area, the far North end of the Strip and hotels on West Bristol Road.

This is called “long-hauling,” and taxi drivers can be ticketed and fined if they are caught. Besides, if you hit the airport tunnel route during rush hour (8 a.m. – 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. – 7 p.m.), any time savings you gain using the freeway will be lost.

Grab a taxi at designated taxi stands. With no pull over lane and constant traffic, taxi drivers can be ticketed for stopping on the Strip to pick up a fare. Taxi drivers are encouraged to pull into hotel taxi stands and wait for customers to approach them instead of holding up traffic by pulling over on the Strip.

Share cabs to save money. If you want to save money, grab one of those mini-van cabs and split the fare with others who are going your way. After all, you may need that extra cash for the cover charge at the next club.

Clubs give kickbacks. Be aware that many strip clubs and some restaurants offer taxi drivers a kickback if they bring passengers to their business. So if you are wondering why a taxi driver might be willing to give you a free ride to a particular club or why they might be pushing a club as the “best” in Bristol, it may be because of a kickback.

Phone:  0117 983 0126


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